Wedding Calligraphy can be as simple or as complex as you want it (and your budget allows it) to be. The BrideScribe can design all the stationery necessary for a beautiful and elegant affair. Start with a Save-The-Date card that will set the tone for the whole wedding. 

The BrideScribe can design the whole invitation, response cards, maps, Order of Service cards, Menu Cards, place settings, table names or numbers, seating charts and even favor boxes and napkins, as well as addressing the inner, outer and response envelopes. 

Of course, if you are like most brides, and you are on a budget, you may chose one or more of the services offered.  Maybe have only the addresses on the Invitation envelope - the first impression is SO important! Or maybe just have favor boxes with your monogram, or the guests names written on little thank you notes attached to the favors...what better way to show your guests how much you appreciate them?

Look through this site and see just a few of the options available to you, but keep in mind - if you can write it, The BrideScribe can write it beautifully.

The BrideScribe

The BrideScribe    specializes in Handwritten Calligraphy for weddings and other special events. Addressing invitation envelopes, place cards and seating charts, are just some of the services offered. All Calligraphy is hand written. 

Handwritten Calligraphy

Beautiful Stationery delivers the biggest "WOW" bang for the buck!

MOST of the mail that everyone receives everyday is generated and printed by a computer. 

But remember Christmas time? 
It is just about the only time anyone receives any handwritten mail any more. Now imagine your family and friends finding a beautiful handwritten envelope in the mail at any other time of the year - Surely it would be the beginning of an exciting time -- A WEDDING! 

Make sure your invitation isn't thrown away as just another piece of junk mail - make it stand out with handwritten calligraphy on the envelope!