A more expensive option:

200 guests, 120 Save the dates, 120 Invitations, 200 Menus, 200 Programs, 1 Seating Chart (not shown)


$2.50 per 50 sheets:

400 White cardstock,                                  $20.00

400 colored cardstock                                $20.00

Seating Chart materials                             $15.00


Heart cut out 1 hour @$25.00/hour            $25.00

Cut out words on menu etc                         $10.00


Invitation - 12 lines at $5.00 /line                 $60.00

Seating chart 200 names @ $.50 /name    $100.00

Printing: $0.50 per page 

Invitations - 2 /page                                     $30.00

​Menus - 3 / page                                          $33.50

Programs - 3 /page                                      $33.50



Save the Dates - 2/page                              $60.00

Invitations 1/page                                         $60.00

Menus - 3/page                                            $33.50

Programs - 3/page                                       $33.50


640 pieces @ $0.10 / piece                          $64.00

Total:                                                         $598.00

Of course, pieces may be ordered separately, if you only want invitations for example,   in the first example 30 invitations would cost $36.00:  in the second example 120 invitations would cost $192.00. (the card stock will still need to be bought in packs of 50, and the design fee will be the same no matter how many pieces you have)                                                         


Wording on other side


Here is an example of one of the less expensive orders:

50 guests,30 Invitations, 30 Menus, 30 place cards and 6 table numbers


Maroon and cream cardstock,

$2.50 per 50 page pack             $5.00


Simple monogram

30 minutes @ $25.00 / hour      $12.50

Printing: $0.50 per page

Invitations 2 / page                          $7.50  

Menus 2 / page                                $7.50  


Place cards:                                     $30.00 30 @ $.50

Table numbers 2 sided                    $12.00  6 @ $1.00 per side


Cutting: $1.00 per page


Table numbers 6/ page                 $1.00 

Invitations, 4/ page                       $8.00   

Menus, 6 /page                            $5.00    

Place cards, 10 / page                  $3.00


96 pieces, $0.10 per piece                $9.60

TOTAL                                               $101.10.

Place card


Table number

The hardest question to answer is: 

How much does it cost?

The short answer is “Probably a lot less than you would think.” 

I realize this helps not at all!

Every order is different, it depends so much on what you have in mind.

Here are a few things to consider.

You provide the paper:  Sales tax is not added to services, so if you provide the paper I am only providing a service to cut or print on it so you save 7%! 
The price of the paper is determined by the type of paper you use.… I often work with generic card stock, which can cost as little as $0.05 a sheet.  But some cost more than $3.00 a sheet and everything in between, so let me help you with your selection.
Keep in mind the size of your paper.  I might use one sheet for two or more pieces of stationery, depending on the size and shape of the piece.

Before anything can be cut or printed, we need a design.
Again, these can range from the elegantly simple to the superbly ornate.
The design fee is $25.00 an hour. 

If you use a design in my stock there is no charge for the design fee. 

A simple mono/duo gram would probably take 30 minutes or less, an elaborate lacy cover maybe 2 hours. 

A unique design from scratch will take longer than a copy of something, but keep copyrights in mind….A picture off the internet could be copyright protected, I will not use it, however I can draw my own version of a flower/animal/design if you give me an idea or example that I can copy. 

You only need one design (and one fee!) for everything from the Save-the-Date to the Thank You cards.

Piece work:
 Every piece you order will be handmade to a certain extent. 

No, I won’t handwrite each invitation, but they will all need some interaction from me.  I will need to assemble a couple of pieces, or make sure all the cut outs are open, add a little gold edge or ribbon etc. 

Each piece will be priced individually.  Obviously the more I do, the higher the price.  If I am only printing out a 5”X7” oblong piece of card it will start at $0.50 each.  If I am cutting a simple outline such as a circle or shell ect, it will be another $0.50. 

The design also comes into play here – an invitation inside a lacy overlay with many cutouts will cost more than an invitation printed on a simple outline.  The former could cost up to $2.00, the latter $1.00

Handwritten Calligraphy:
Stationery that is essential for any special event, looks sensational when written in Handwritten Calligraphy!

Invitation Envelopes that are addressed in Handwritten Calligraphy really set the tone of the whole event.  As soon as your guest sees the envelope in the mail box they will immediately get the sense that this will be a momentous occasion!

Place Cards, Seating Charts, addresses and other individualized pieces are written with a dip pen and ink one by one.

Save the dates, Invitations, menus, programs and such, are written out by hand, then they quickly jump through about 6 centuries and land on my scanner where they then magically appear on the computer and can be printed in a much more cost-effective manner than writing each and every one out by hand. (See prices for piece work.)

Prices for Calligraphy:

Addressing Envelopes:            $2.00 each
Place cards                              $0.50 each
Invitations and similar              $2.00/line *
Menus                                      $1.00/line*
Table Numbers                         $1.00 +
Table names                             $2.00 +
Seating Chart                           $0.50/name
                                                 & materials
*Only one invitation, menu etc. is hand written, it is scanned and the rest are printed.

Consider Calligraphy for the following:

FAVORS: Write your guests name on a favor box to make them feel special!

VOWS: Have your vows handwritten in beautiful Calligraphy, framed and hung on your bed room wall.

POEMS: Have your favorite poem, or the lyrics to “your song” made into a piece of art.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Have your official wedding picture framed with your names and the date of the wedding beautifully written below.

The BrideScribe